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I always have good thought about property investment but I am quite skeptical about selling away my big and spacious HDB flat. I was on the prowl for a freehold condo unit mainly for capital gains, However, being freehold, the prices are expected to be much higher and of course older and limited in number in my geographical area of interest.


We called Darren in and he provided us with a clear picture and direction we should heading.  He shared with us about the asset progression concept and comparison of some potential new launches.


Initially,  I was not too excited about the new launches as the unit will be of smaller size. However, the smaller size comes with a plus point in that the price turns out to be more affordable and the loan an be solely handled by my income without "touching" my wife's savings or CPF. We can standby for another progression later on.


Darren also has a very good network of bankers and lawyer, and this greatly smoothen the time and process to get the sales and mortgage loan completed in the shortest possible time without much hassle. Now that the deal is already done, I just need to sit and wait to realise and reap the gains. Make hay when the sun still shines or before the sun set, so they say.  Thank you, Darren, for introducing this wonderful development.

Mr & Mrs Ng @ Parc Riviera

Let's see what my clients say about me...

We have been staying in our HDB for more than 16 years and always wanting to upgrade. However, we can't bear to move out of our HDB as it is spacious and our first love nest here. We have always hear say by many people about property investment and sometime making us even more lost.
We saw Darren's posting in FB and call him for sharing. We were enlightened by his sharing on how to grow our property asset, how we can leverage on our current resources to start on our property investment journey. Although he has analysed and shared that we are able to buy two properties, we were not ready to accept such big jump and massive changes. Darren went further to share about the risk management and introduce us about the 99/1 concept which can give us flexibility to make progression later. His great experiences and knowledge has impressed us and most importantly, he is not those hard-sell agents whom we have met before.
Darren is always cool and patience. Regardless how many  times we raised  our queries, issues or objection to him, he would carry his usual smile and explain to us in detail. Most important, he has helped us to analyse which are the good buy properties.
As a person, he remained humble. He shows great passion for his work and this is definitely the key to his success in being an outstanding agent whom we can put our trust in him
Mr & Mrs Siah @ GEM Residences

Let's take a look at the purchase done by the Lee's and Wong's Family

In 2009, both Wong's and Lee's family sold their HDB flats. Wong's family purchase a Private Condominium at $750K while the Lee's family purchase a 5-Room HDB at $520K.

In 2017, Wong' family condo worth at least $1.3m, with a potential profit of about $500K 

while the Lee's family HDB is at $620K, with only potential profit of less than $100K

Site Title

PTE Condo
Profit: >$500K

Profit: <$100K

Can you See the Importance of Buying the Right Property? 

  • 3 ways to analyse the various options in the property market and determine the best choice that is suitable for you.

  • Insider calculation to let you understand your financial position.

  • In-depth financial calculations which will include cash outlay, Interest payable, Stamp duties, etc.


  • A FREE Comprehensive Report on your Existing Property. 

  • SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE home-ownership progression plan - with 4 PRECISE steps to accumulate wealth earlier


Site Title


I will explain to you how it will happen and I will show you how you can turn around these situations 
and create a legacy for your family and love ones.

Let's meet for a FREE & NON-OBLIGATORY discussion and we will share how we have helped home owners to do more with their HDB with the right strategies!

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Many HDB Owners after talking to us were amazed that

they can do so much for their family and love ones.

Today, without touching their savings, they are Owners of TWO Properties and even has Reserve Fund of $100K for rainy days use.

Discover how to comfortably upgrade to your dream condo 

without using your savings today!

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During the meet-up, I have done an in-depth financial calculation with them and they were surprised that they can do so much with their HDB and proceed on with their Asset Progression journey with us. This is what they have done.....

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Seize Opportunities NOW !  Plan Your Asset Progression Early

to give your Family and Yourself a Better Future Today!

Hi, I’m Darren Lee.

I am in the real estate industry for more than 14 years. Over these years, being a real estate practitioner, I have gained some hard-truth experience from some hundreds of my clients and investors. I see the true fact of how the rich become richer through real estate.


Many of my clients have discovered and unlocked the wealth of their properties because of the right Asset Progression Planning. However, every situation is different. Therefore I will always seek to understand my client’s needs or concerns and I will tailor the most suitable and beneficial plan for them.


With me, you can be assured of open and direct communications. I will give you the facts, both the good and the bad. You shall make the decision that is right for you.

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Dear HDB Owners,

Do you know holding on to your HDB for 

Let's take a look at Mr & Mrs Tan's Case Study

Mr and Mrs Tan, a family of 5, bought a 4-Rm HDB Flat in Toa Payoh and stay there for 17 years. Initially, they just want to sell their existing HDB flat and buy another 5-Rm HDB flat so as to cash out their sales proceeds and have a bigger house. 

Sold 4rm-HDB Flat

Executive Condominium
4 Bedders for Own Stay

Private Condominium
1 Bedder for Investment


Equip with the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE to buy the RIGHT PROPERTY so as to achieve Happiness & Prosperity for your Family and Love Ones.   

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You MUST KNOW how to avoid LOSING your HARD-EARNED Money ! 


Want to upgrade to 5-Rm HDB